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Ok, so I know inspiration is definitely not the first word most people think of when they hear about Amber Rose, but I definitely think she is becomming more of a trendsetter these days. Before she was even known by her name, most people called her by “the bald chick in the Nicki Minaj video,” and even if some people still don’t know her name, I think she is worth talking about. Although she’s not the first person to have incredibly short blonde hair, I think she’s the most influential person to younger people, nowadays, with that look, and she was the first.


By first, I mean currently we have a trend of celebrities going short and blonde as well(I also want it to be clear that I wanted to do it before they did^^). One being video blogger, Shameless Mya and the most influential person, Beyonce. Even if she did change it as quickly as she got it.

Even if it seems that these days women can do whatever they want and no one cares, this isn’t the case. There’s a lot of support for these women, but they have also faced a lot of backlash. As a person who did the big chop and bleached it as well, I did face some negative comments, and this may be only because I live in Korea, but we, as women, need to change our thinking. I’ve heard too many woman place too much importance on their hair, and the first thing we need to do ourselves is stop putting SO much of our beauty into our hair. Chopping my hair off has forced me to find confidence less in my appearence and more in my inner self. I feel so much better because of it, too, and I hope other women find the strength to do so, as well.