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This has been part of my must-do list in Korea for a long time. Even before I came to Korea, I was interested. Many people are unaware of how advanced medical technology is in Korea, so whenever I told people in America they tended to look at me a little funny or even with surprise. This has not been a deterrent for me at all though. I’ve always disliked wearing glasses, so after finding more information in Korea about how popular the surgery is, I was even more excited about it. I’m actually surprised that it took me this long to get the surgery done, being that I’ve lived in Korea already 8 months.

For me, as a chemistry major, I like to do research before making any big decisions, and any decision costing more than 5$ is important(cause I’m so frugal/cheap^^). So my choices were first, which laser surgery I would get done, and there are many choices between Lasik, Lasek, PRK, and many in-between. I decided to go with Lasik, but then I also had to decide whether I’d go with the bladeless version, which was a really hard decision for me. Anything referring to a blade anywhere near your eye is not going to sound pleasant, so at first I was leaning towards getting the laser only procedure, but after putting a lot of research in, I went with the custom Lasik, which has some good benefits to it, just like the Lasek.

lasik procedude

Since I went with a very “basic” procedure, I decided that I wanted to make sure it was done in an area where the surgeons have a lot of practice regularly, so me and my friend went to Seoul to get everything done. I would definitely reccommend this to anyone considering the procedure, because everything was so organized. I felt very safe as well.

We decided to go to Sky Eye Clinic in Gangnam, which was pretty easy to find. The tests were really fast and painless; and after paying, we started the surgery after a short wait, which lasted maybe 8 minutes. Here’s their website:


If you’re really curious about the actual surgery and want more details, this video was super helpful for me:


So after the surgery, the process in finding our hostel took so long, and my eyes became more painful every few minutes or so.. I was wearing shades the whole trip, but it was really difficult opening them to look around. I stuck it out though, just to look at the ground so I could see where i was walking, but the lights were really bothersome. Two days later, the pain and light sensitivity were almost completely gone, I still wore shades though :/

The process was definitely worth it for me and my friend though, no unexpected symptoms or pain. I have to take eye drops every three hours for a while, though, there are also a few other restrictions, but I’m just so happy I made the decision and would even go through it again(if I had to).

walking around after the surgery