Lasik in Korea


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This has been part of my must-do list in Korea for a long time. Even before I came to Korea, I was interested. Many people are unaware of how advanced medical technology is in Korea, so whenever I told people in America they tended to look at me a little funny or even with surprise. This has not been a deterrent for me at all though. I’ve always disliked wearing glasses, so after finding more information in Korea about how popular the surgery is, I was even more excited about it. I’m actually surprised that it took me this long to get the surgery done, being that I’ve lived in Korea already 8 months.

For me, as a chemistry major, I like to do research before making any big decisions, and any decision costing more than 5$ is important(cause I’m so frugal/cheap^^). So my choices were first, which laser surgery I would get done, and there are many choices between Lasik, Lasek, PRK, and many in-between. I decided to go with Lasik, but then I also had to decide whether I’d go with the bladeless version, which was a really hard decision for me. Anything referring to a blade anywhere near your eye is not going to sound pleasant, so at first I was leaning towards getting the laser only procedure, but after putting a lot of research in, I went with the custom Lasik, which has some good benefits to it, just like the Lasek.

lasik procedude

Since I went with a very “basic” procedure, I decided that I wanted to make sure it was done in an area where the surgeons have a lot of practice regularly, so me and my friend went to Seoul to get everything done. I would definitely reccommend this to anyone considering the procedure, because everything was so organized. I felt very safe as well.

We decided to go to Sky Eye Clinic in Gangnam, which was pretty easy to find. The tests were really fast and painless; and after paying, we started the surgery after a short wait, which lasted maybe 8 minutes. Here’s their website:

If you’re really curious about the actual surgery and want more details, this video was super helpful for me:

So after the surgery, the process in finding our hostel took so long, and my eyes became more painful every few minutes or so.. I was wearing shades the whole trip, but it was really difficult opening them to look around. I stuck it out though, just to look at the ground so I could see where i was walking, but the lights were really bothersome. Two days later, the pain and light sensitivity were almost completely gone, I still wore shades though :/

The process was definitely worth it for me and my friend though, no unexpected symptoms or pain. I have to take eye drops every three hours for a while, though, there are also a few other restrictions, but I’m just so happy I made the decision and would even go through it again(if I had to).

walking around after the surgery


Amber Rose ~ Inspiration


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Ok, so I know inspiration is definitely not the first word most people think of when they hear about Amber Rose, but I definitely think she is becomming more of a trendsetter these days. Before she was even known by her name, most people called her by “the bald chick in the Nicki Minaj video,” and even if some people still don’t know her name, I think she is worth talking about. Although she’s not the first person to have incredibly short blonde hair, I think she’s the most influential person to younger people, nowadays, with that look, and she was the first.


By first, I mean currently we have a trend of celebrities going short and blonde as well(I also want it to be clear that I wanted to do it before they did^^). One being video blogger, Shameless Mya and the most influential person, Beyonce. Even if she did change it as quickly as she got it.

Even if it seems that these days women can do whatever they want and no one cares, this isn’t the case. There’s a lot of support for these women, but they have also faced a lot of backlash. As a person who did the big chop and bleached it as well, I did face some negative comments, and this may be only because I live in Korea, but we, as women, need to change our thinking. I’ve heard too many woman place too much importance on their hair, and the first thing we need to do ourselves is stop putting SO much of our beauty into our hair. Chopping my hair off has forced me to find confidence less in my appearence and more in my inner self. I feel so much better because of it, too, and I hope other women find the strength to do so, as well.